How can surfskate improve your surf level?

Surfskate is a fast-growing sport that is attracting more and more board sports enthusiasts. This discipline combines the excitement of skateboarding with the gliding sensation of surfing, enabling enthusiasts to perfect their surfing skills on the road. For surf enthusiasts, surfskate is more than just a land-based workout: it's an opportunity to push your limits and improve your performance on the water. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of surfskate and how it can improve your surfing.

What is surfskate?

Surfskate is a form of skateboarding with a special truck system that allows great mobility and a fluid surfing sensation. The wheels are wider and more flexible, making it possible to make tight turns and imitate surfing movements.

The main feature is the double-jointed front truck, which allows you to make the same movements as when surfing. Surfskate makes it easier to take turns while maintaining speed.

The surfskate board offers a sensation similar to that of gliding over water, while being on tarmac.

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The benefits of surfskate for surfing :

1. Improved balance and stability: Surfboarding requires a good command of balance in order to make fluid, precise movements. This skill is essential for effective wave riding.

2. Strengthening key muscles : The movements performed during surfboarding involve the same muscle groups as surfing. This strengthens the muscles needed to maintain good posture on the surfboard.

3. Perfecting your technique: Thanks to surfskate, you can work on your surfing technique by simulating carving, pumping and tight turns. This helps you improve your style and manoeuvres on the water.

4. Increased confidence: By mastering the moves on the surfskate, you'll gain confidence and feel more at ease trying out new techniques during your surf sessions.

5. Accessible training: Surfboarding offers a year-round training opportunity, regardless of weather conditions or wave availability. This means you can stay in shape and continue to improve your surfing, even away from the ocean.

Not sure which surfboard to choose? Read our article on how to choose the right surfskate.

Surfboarding is an effective way of improving your surfing. By working on your balance, technique and physical strength, you'll be ready to take on the waves with greater control and confidence. If you're looking to push your limits and improve your surfing, make surfboarding part of your training routine. Discover our selection of surfskates at Flying Wheels and get ready to take your surfing to new heights!

maio 03, 2024 — SAS AUPA